Berning Green Endorsements


From left to right: Carmen V. Hulbert, Jabari Brisport & Persephone Smith

Berning Green met in July and discussed endorsements. Our group had no objections to the following three candidates who are running for City Council in Brooklyn, NY.

Carmen Valdivieso Hulbert, is running in New York City Council District 38 on the Green Party ballot line. She is a Peruvian-born journalist, filmmaker & activist. She was an elected Bernie Sanders delegate for Brooklyn-CD7 for the DNC-2016 & co-founder of LatinosforBernieNYC. Carmen is also a Retired Associated Press journalist & union organizer for the NMG-CWA.

Jabari Brisport, is running for New York City Council District 35 on the Green Party and Socialist Party lines. He is a 3 generation Caribbean native of Brooklyn, NY. He was raised by his immigrant father and native mother who raised him with a strong sense of justice and dignity. As an artist and educator, Jabari uses his skills as an activists through political theater and marching in the streets.

Persephone Smith, is running for New York City Council District 37 as a Green and Independent. She is a Hawaiian native, musician, special forces navy combat veteran of Iraq and a transgender woman of color. Persephone is running to represent the under represented people in her community. Some of the major issues she will fight for are: affordable housing and decriminalizing minor offenses such as jumping turnstyles.

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