Coalition Building in Brooklyn


James Lane for Public Advocate, Persephone Sanderson-Smith for City Council District 37, Jabari Brisport for City Council District 35, and Carmen V Hulbert for City Council District 38.

This Thursday April 6th, Berning Green brought together our candidates and activists from their city council districts at the Cherry Tree in Brooklyn.

Our speakers were veterans in multiple senses of the word, from veterans of social change like Maria Roca of Friends of Sunset Park, Shatia Strother of Furee, and Denis Flores of El Grito, to Persephone Sanderson-Smith, a veteran of the Iraq War and candidate for City Council. From a two-time Green Party mayoral candidate Gloria Mattera, to activists of the Bernie Sanders campaign like Jabari Brisport and Carmen Hulbert for City Council. 


 While the speakers addressed a wide range of topics, like participatory community control and police reform, the history of the green party, and housing issues, they had one thing in common: perspective. Every candidate has been in the trenches making a difference for a while, and to them, the battle we are facing isn’t new. It was refreshing to hear people address the history and systemic issues that have led us to where we are now. It is that wisdom that equips each of our candidates to create real change.


While the battle sometimes feels very much like David and Goliath, its empowering to have inspiring candidates who are real people from our communities out there representing us. And it is even more empowering to know that when we take on this fight we are in good company.


Checkout these Green Party Candidate campaign sites:

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Persephone Smith for City Council

Carmen V Hulbert for City Council

Jabari Brisport for City Council

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