Sunset Park Puerto Rican Day Parade


Green Party Candidates marched in the Puerto Rican Day Parade in Sunset Park Brooklyn on Sunday June 11th.

Akeem Browder, Green Party Candidate for Mayor, marched alongside James Lane, citywide candidate for New York City Public Advocate and Carmen V. Hulbert candidate for City Council District 38.

Akeem who's brother Kalief was detained at age 16 without trial at Rickers Island for 3 years for allegedly stealing a backpack. Two years after his release, Kalief committed suicide. Akeem has been active ever since in fighting for reform of the criminal justice system and has organized a foundation called the Kalief Browder Foundation and his official campaign page is

James Lane is a social activists and former Green Party Candidate for Public Advocate and ran against Republican Congressional Representative Dan Donovan for a house run.

Carmen V. Hulbert is a Socialist, Union Organizer, Journalist, Grandmother and former Bernie Sanders Delegate to the Democratic Convention in 2016. She is working to build the Green Party by running for City Council.

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